Plastic boats


Plastic boats made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) material have proven to be excellent in the production of plastic boats.

The material is easily moldable, allowing for plastic boats to be made in various shapes, making them suitable for regattas when you want your vessel to have an attractive appearance.

Good buoyancy and stability on the water are just some of the advantages of these boats compared to rubber boats or fiberglass boats.

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Our plastic boats are suitable for all environments, whether in fresh or saltwater. We offer a range of plastic boats in various dimensions and capacities, designed to meet both individual and commercial needs. Our boats come in standard colors – white, gray or black, or blue, but can also be customized in other colors, depending on customer preferences.

They are also suitable for various purposes – they can be used as cruising boats, fishing or sport fishing boats, for transporting people, family vacations, and leisure activities. They will not get damaged and do not require any maintenance, coating, or protection unlike boats made from other materials.

Plastic boats are unsinkable, cannot be punctured, nor can they be permanently damaged in any other way. Why are they unsinkable? Their interior is divided into compartments, so if one part gets damaged, the others will keep the boat afloat. They can be used over and over again, and the number of uses does not affect the quality and durability of these boats.


Plastic boats are manufactured in various sizes and capacities, all according to customer needs. The floor or bottom of the boat is flat and stable. A motor can be attached without any problems.

If you are a passionate fisherman in need of a fishing boat, a lover of rivers and waters, or just need a break from everyday life, want a vessel for regattas, our plastic boats are the best and most affordable solution for you.

Besides not having to worry about maintenance, our boats are easy to transport and carry and remember, they are indestructible.

According to your needs, Čabar Plast from Osečina near Valjevo produces small or large plastic boats depending on the desired dimensions. The final appearance and price depend on the total width and length of the boat, diameter and capacity, as well as additional equipment. Also, they can have a cabin or be without one and contain all the additional equipment you need.

The final appearance of the plastic boat, as well as the equipment you want, is important if you plan to register your vessel in Serbia.


Compared to traditional materials used in boat making – fiberglass, aluminum, rubber, and wood, plastic has a number of advantages, both in the boat manufacturing process and in the use and daily operation of plastic boats.

The density of polyethylene is lower than the density of traditional boat-making materials and is less than water, making it an exceptionally good material for making various types of floating objects (boats, pontoons, buoys for rafts, stationary platforms, etc.).

Polyethylene, the material from which the boats are made, is a type of plastic with exceptional density. Compared to classic PET packaging, polyethylene has a stronger structure and denser intertwined fibers, making it extremely resistant and strong.

It gives plastic boats high resistance to mechanical damage – wear, scratching, and breaking. In practice, this means that a plastic boat made of polyethylene, if it hits a rock or runs aground on sand, will not get damaged as is the case with rubber boats. If damage does occur, the repair process is quick and easy. Since it is a lightweight material, it facilitates the transport and handling of the boat.


The manufacturing process of plastic boats and the characteristics of HDPE material ensure the durability and resistance of plastic boats to various weather conditions. ČabarPlast plastic boats do not require any anti-corrosive protection, antifouling, or gel coats that are mandatory for protecting boats and vessels made from traditional materials.

  • ČabarPlast plastic boats do not need any kind of painting, covering, or wrapping with films.
  • They are resistant to high temperatures
  • They are waterproof and do not need any fixatives or glue.
  • They are resistant to wear and mechanical damage. For example, these boats are recommended for rafting trips because they are durable.
  • They have good buoyancy – stable on water and easy to handle (using oars or a steering console).
  • They are easy to transport to and from the water.
  • They are easy to carry.
  • They are practical, reliable, and cost-effective, making them one of the best choices for boating.


Plastic boats are an excellent choice for sailing as they are easy to use and offer all the conveniences of large ships, speedboats, barges, or sailboats. Due to the characteristics of the materials from which they are made, which are lighter in density than aluminum, and even water, they have a number of advantages, especially in terms of durability and high load capacity. The flexibility of the boats absorbs noise and waves, making the ride more pleasant. Because of their high resistance to damage and temperature variations, they can be used for sailing in all seasons (summer or winter) and are becoming the choice of an increasing number of sailors and boating enthusiasts.

Čabar Plast boats are made from high-density polyethylene, as are our pontoons, catamarans, water tanks, vertical water reservoirs, oil tanks, grape pomace containers, tabarca boats, irrigation tanks, septic tanks, grease and oil separators, plastic wine barrels.


Dimensions of our boats

Number of persons

Length (m)

Width (m)

4 2 2,5
6 3,5 2
10 5 2