Plastic Boats

Material characteristics of PEHD have proved to be excellent in the production of plastic boats. The material is well shaped so that plastic boats can be made in different shapes and they are also suitable for regattas when you want to have an attractive look of your boat. Good navigational qualities and water stability are just one of the advantages of these boats compared to rubber boats or fiberglass boats.

Our plastic boats are suitable for all environments, whether it is sweet or salty water. It will not be damaged and does not require any kind of maintenance, coating and protection in contrast to boats manufactured from other materials. Plates of plastic are unsinkable, they can not be drilled, or in any other way permanently damage.

Why are they unsinkable?

Their interior is divided into chambers and if by any chance one part is damaged, the rest will hold the boat above the water.

Plastic boats in different sizes

Plastic boats are made in different sizes and different loads, all according to the needs of customers. The bottom of the boat is completely flat and stable. The engine can be attached without any problems. If you are a passionate fisherman who needs a fishing boat, or a lover in rivers and waters, or you just need a break from everyday life, you want a regatta boat, our plastic boats are the best and cheapest solution for you. Except that you do not have maintenance problems, our boats are easy to transport and transfer and remember they are indestructible.