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Čabar Plast presents our top-quality 3000-liter water tank, designed to meet all your water storage needs. Whether for agriculture, industry, or domestic use, our tank provides a reliable and long-lasting capacity for storing various liquids.

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Key Features

  • Multipurpose Use: Our 3000-liter tank is perfect for storing water, oil, fuel oil, and other liquids.
  • Material: Made from durable and environmentally friendly HDPE material, our tank is resistant to extreme temperatures and UV radiation.
  • Adaptability: Can be installed above or below ground, according to your specific requirements.
  • Longevity: Resistance to chemical influences and weather conditions guarantees longevity and reliability.
  • Environmental Safety: The materials do not pollute the environment, making the tank safe for storing drinking water.

Price and Offer:

We offer attractive prices for our 3000-liter tank, with the possibility of additional customization and special features. Contact us for a detailed offer and product customization information.


Maintenance and Quality

  • Easy Maintenance: Our tanks are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • High-Quality Standards: The use of quality materials guarantees the durability and reliability of our tanks.
  • Quality Certificates: All our tanks have the necessary certificates and attestations that confirm their quality.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 3000 liters
  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Resistance: UV radiation, chemical influences, temperatures from -30°C to +60°C.
  • Dimensions: Customized according to customer needs.


  • Perfect for agriculture, industry, and households.
  • Ideal for storing rainwater and irrigation.
  • Suitable for storing oil and other liquids.

Why Choose Čabar Plast?

  • Years of Experience: Our years of experience in production guarantee quality and reliability.
  • Customer Customization: The possibility of customizing the tank according to individual needs.
  • Professional Support: Our team is here to provide advice and support in choosing and installing your tank.

Installation and Use

Our 3000-liter water tank is designed for simple installation and flexible use:

  • Location Choice: Whether placed above ground or buried, it’s important to choose a flat and stable surface.
  • Ground Preparation: For underground installation, dig a hole of adequate size and prepare a sand or concrete base.
  • Connections: Our tanks allow for the installation of standard or non-standard connections for easy connection to the water network.


Tank Maintenance

To ensure longevity and hygienic conditions, our tanks require minimal maintenance:

  • Regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of impurities and residues.
  • Periodic inspection of valves and connections

How to Order

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your water storage system with a Čabar Plast 3000-liter tank. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

Contact us through our website or phone to specify your requirements and receive a detailed offer. After confirmation, we proceed with the production of your tank and organize delivery.

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