Water barrels or tubes for a coin with a lid

Our plastic tubes or plastic barrels are universal products that were originally created as a replacement for a classic wooden helmet with metal rings used as a tube for mark. Such wooden vessels stood in deep and dark basements, because they would damage by the sun. Every year they had to trample by watering them and stuffing them with water to make a wooden shade. Every manipulation with them was difficult because such tubers were massive and usually where you are once settled from there they do not move. Such barrels could generally be used for the mark, while these can be used as water barrels.

Plastic drums instead of wooden huts

Plastic drums replaced them, and the benefits when using them as tubes for the marks are enormous. They are incomparably easier and more resistant to all the effects, some even keeping them in the sun to speed up boiling because they are used for the fermentation of all kinds of fruits (apples, pears, quinces, plums, dwarves …)

Plastic boots are made with a lid that can be removed, so it is an excellent protection for the commune during boiling and later when you already start to bake rakiya. Also, the tubs do not serve only for the slime, they are excellent water tanks and can be used in many ways because they are easy to wash only with water after any use. They can store liquid, granular, powdery materials. Plastic barrels today are an indispensable product in every household.

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