Čabar Plast silos are made in accordance with world trends, and are widely used in the chemical industry as well as for the storage of ingredients: cereals, animal feed mixtures, granules, as well as powder materials of cement, lime and other substances.

Čabar plast silos are made of a material that eliminates the appearance of condensation of water vapor, and therefore there is no possibility of gluing the contents to the walls of the silo unlike other manufacturers.

High quality Čabar The layer of silos made of high density polyethylene (PEHD) and polypropylene (PP) with spiral coil technology and plastic welding feature the following features:

  • are resistant to breakage,
  • they are environmentally friendly,
  • tolerate both high and low temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C,
  • are resistant to the effects of a wide range of liquids and gases,
  • resistant to UV rays,
  • have good mechanical properties,
  • they guarantee waterproofing and are a long-term solution because the material loses only 5% of its properties after 50 years of use.

Get more shape for our silos:

  • a symmetrical cup with a transition to a roller,
  • asymmetric heap,
  • a symmetric pyramid with a transition into a square,
  • asymmetric pyramid
  • combined, we mainly produce them according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

It is possible to install all additional connectors starting from:

  • access ladders,
  • various valves,
  • taps,
  • level indicators,
  • fittings with male or female thread,
  • various toppings,
  • audit openings, windows on the wall to watch the levels
  • anchorage rates,
  • climbers
  • openings at the top, etc.

If you need any of these connectors, be sure to let us know when ordering our silos.

In the chemical and other industries, if you need to store high-capacity materials, Cabar Plast manufactures high-capacity silos that can be adapted to all dimensions and design solutions. The basic division of our tanks ie silo from the point of view of production is:

roller tanks and i
rectangular tanks..

We offer delivery of plastic silos in many versions, diameters and heights at the best prices in the country a and beyond.

Čabar plast still produces manholes for water meters, ventilation pipes, tanks, barrels, plates, vertical plastic tanks, pontoons, catamarans.