Separators of grease and oils

Modern life flows require greater care for environmental protection. Care must be taken for the pollution, the materials used, the wastewater discharged into the human environment. When we talk about wastewater polluted with light liquids (fats and oils, petroleum products), they can be easily and cheaply removed with our oil and grease separators. Made of materials as well as our plastic tanks and tanks, resistant to corrosion, porosity and erosion, made of PEHD, waterproof, easy to maintain, lightweight and easy to install.

Separators of light liquids in the separation from wastewater are divided:

Separatori masti i ulja

Fat separators

Fat separators are designed to separate the oils and fats most commonly found in wastewater from the kitchen of restaurants, hotels and other catering facilities, premature industries, slaughterhouses and meat industries. The importance of the separator of grease and oil that separates grease from wastewater preventively prevents the possibility of clogging the sewage system.

Oil separators are divided into:

  • Gravity,
  • With a coalescent flotation
  • Separators with bypass

Maintenance of grease separators

A visual inspection of the fat separator should be performed. Where necessary, extraction of fats and oils should be performed and their safe disposal should be ensured. After cleaning, the separator should be filled with clean water.

Maintenance of oil separator

Also visual inspection of oil separators and cleaning of oil and sludge if necessary. A coalescence filter can be used with more than one pie, but it should be periodically removed and washed with clean water.