Rectangular tanks and bathtubs

Apart from cylindrical reservoirs that can be horizontal tanks and vertical plastic tanks, we often have special requirements from our customers who require rectangular tanks or rectangular plastic bathtubs.

The interest in these types and shapes of quartz reservoirs comes from polypropylene and polyethylene materials, which are UV stabilized and resistant to chemical influences, and have great application in industry. The duration of one such bath is 50 years.

It is most used in the chemical industry because it is resistant to the effects of various acids, and is often used to cover the pool that aggressive substances can damage. Plastic bathtubs for galvanizing, zinc plating, chroming, nickel plating are made from welding plates. Bathtubs can be made mobile (with wheels) and immobile. They can be of different sizes and volumes, and are made according to the requirements and needs of our customers. Various accessories and attachments can be placed on them. If necessary, they are reinforced with metal profiles.

They are used for the storage and storage of hazardous substances, because the already mentioned material is resistant to the effects of acid, unlike the concrete when the acid burns over time. Our warrants are that the material you store there and remain. They are resistant to corrosion and do not need to be further treated.

Rectangular bathtubs and rectangular tanks work as needed, desires and orders from customers.