Plastic water tubes, marc, fruits and vegetables

One of the products that has become irreplaceable in the household, industry or agriculture in recent years is plastic tubes. They are made of different volumes, with or without a lid that can be removed. Plastic tubes are vertical open plastic reservoirs. The material from which it is made is resistant to solar radiation, and it is stable at low and high temperatures from minus 30 degrees Celsius to over 60 degrees.

If we add that they do not receive the smells and tastes of substances stored in them, this product is polyvalent for use in water storage, such as water tubes, whether it is a drink or a technical water.


Plastic water tubes, for marc, fruits and vegetables

Because of all the properties they possess, plastic tubes are indestructible, and on the market they first emerged as a substitute for old wooden barrels for fruit fermentation. After all the advantages in relation to the wooden tubs, the plastic tubes for the commune are also used for the fermentation of vegetables, for example for sour cabbage. So you can use it throughout the year because they can be used seasonally, first as fermentation tubers, and then as cabbage for sour cabbage. During the winter, you can keep all kinds of powdered and granular substances (fodder) in them. You can use them as water tubes as needed throughout the year.

Plastic tubs can be placed on a flat surface, they can stand on flat surfaces, do not push anything below them, as there is no need.

They are easy to carry, and due to their resistance to all atmospheric effects, they can be kept in all weather conditions and where it suits you.

Characteristics of plastic bolts:

  • small weight – easy to manipulate
  • long-lasting – practically indestructible (minimum 50 years)
  • resistant to all chemical effects
  • do not depend on weather conditions (neither the Sun nor the cold can do anything to them)
  • are kept by washing only with water

Dimensions and volumes of plastic tubes

It is possible to install all kinds of standard and non-standard connections on various plastic taps, various level displays, taps, and the tubes can be delivered with or without a lid.

The table lists the standard production capacity of 500 to 5000 liters, but for the needs of customers, we make smaller and larger volumes.

Volume (l)








Diameter (D)

600 800 1000 1200 1320 1600 1600

Height (H)

900 1000 1300 1350 1500 1500 2000