Plastic tubes, tanks and tanks for irrigation

There is a lack of drinking water in the world, as well as the lack of water needed for the normal growth and development of the plant world. That’s why we offer you a solution for irrigation of the garden and areas that have problems with water supply.

It all depends on weather conditions, but sometimes it is necessary to water plants several times during the season, and most often use water from rivers or standing waters. Which means it is necessary to transport water from the source to the place where it should be used. You can do this by using our plastic tubes or water tank for trailers. In addition to being used in the transport of water used for irrigation, it is known that water temperature should be maintained and accounted for because the temperature at the source is from 12 to 14 degrees Celsius, and the ideal irrigation water temperature is about 20 degrees. When you are watering with our irrigation tanks, water can be heated in them, and most importantly, irrigation can be safely provided throughout the day.

Water quality for irrigation

In addition, there are problems with the hardness of water used for irrigation, so acidic peat or oxalic acid is added to the irrigation tank. For watering it is best to use atmospheric water or rainwater. You can use our rainwater collection tanks for this job, but do not forget that you need to have a clean roof structure and proper gutters.

When deciding on the capacity of cisterns and reservoirs for irrigation of the garden, it takes about 5 liters per square meter for five-hour use, and annually it is calculated from 1.5 to 2 cubic meters per square meter.

Solve all the problems and increase yields using our tanks and irrigation tanks.