septičke jame

Plastic septic tanks – two-chamber, three-chamber

In areas where there is no city sewage, or a single sewage system for drainage, septic tanks must be built. Septic cave is made for hygienic reasons, prevents the spread of infection in the field and the spread of non-periative odors. Our septic tanks provide you with an ideal and fast solution to solve all the problems with septic tanks. Our plastic septic tanks have many advantages in terms of classic masonry or concrete.

They are usually made as horizontal plastic tanks or wastewater tanks and are placed in the ground by burial. The advantage of these septic tanks is that they do not miss water at all. Plastic septic tanks are quickly positioned and function for one day, roughly everything can be finished in one day. All standard and any other connections can be placed on them.

Their biggest advantage is that they are completely resistant to all types and impacts of groundwater. Our septic tanks were best shown in May’s floods because they did not spill and they do not leak water either inside or outside. That’s why they are ideal for preserving human life and protecting the environment.

Septic tanks division and capacity

Septic tanks are constructed as two-chamber and three-chamber septic tanks. These are flow septic tanks. Their capacity for one family of four five members is about 4000 liters. Non-septic tanks, which can be both horizontal and vertical. Non-septic septic tanks are overflowing and partially purified wastewater from them goes to places where their presence will not jeopardize the sources of drinking water. Draws pipes into drainage channels.

If you are in the dilemma of choosing the size of the septic tank, consider counting one member of the household daily about 150 liters of water. What in a month comes at 4, 5 cubic meters per household member. According to some construction standards, the minimum volume of the septic tank is 3 meters cubic meter, but if you take a bigger one, you will not repent, because in some countries the minimum volume of the septic tank is over 10 cubic meters. If you make septic tanks, or your is damaged, think about a quality septic tank from plastic.