Plastični pontoni za marine i splavove

Plastic pontoons for marinas and rafts

Plastic pontoons we produce from PEHD are stable and safe objects on the water. It is distinguished by the fact that they are easy to transport, easy to install and install, they can carry heavy loads. They can be used without fear of environmental impact because they include all ecological conditions. They are long-lasting, indestructible and unsinkable, because they are divided into chambers that can be filled with penoplasts as needed. Their application is multiple and used for various purposes.

Floating plastic pontoons are used:

  • for boat mooring
  • or the movement of persons
  • such as rafts for the transport of passengers and cargo on smaller water surfaces
  • bathing and sunbathing platforms
  • the basis for houses on water
  • scaffolding for the river crossing
  • for fishponds

Plastic pontoons are intended for boat moorings in marinas, ports, rivers and lakes. They can also be used in seas because salt water can not damage them. They are used for easier approach and entry or exit of people at sea, as platforms and separate objects on the surface of the sea or lake. Various materials can be placed on the upper side in relation to your needs and the purpose in which the pontoons are used. They can be connected to one another in whole for rafts that can serve as terraces of restaurants on the water, cafes, bars, nightclubs …

They can be used for ponds on standing and running water, plastic pontoons will be worn and maintained on the surface of metal cages where you can grow fish.

Plastic tanks are the basis for abortion on the water

In addition to commercial purposes, they can be used as a substitute for metal drums, plastic pontoons as a plastic barrel and a basis for water houses. It’s a cheap, safe and long-lasting solution for your ocean water peace. Take a break and escape from the city crowd, take your place in a natural setting. Make an abortion to your liking and need.

Plastic pontoons, no matter what purpose you use them, are ideal as long-lasting, quality, unsinkable and cheaper than all other types of similar purposes.